Costing Your Designs

To price your collection, we only require your designs you want produced in what fabric/s, in plain or print. Please provide as much information as possible when submitting your designs, as we always like to see samples approved the first time around. Remakes are time-consuming and can be costly.

Example of our all-inclusive Prices

Printed Leggings $22

Plain Tops & Shorts $16

Plain Leggings $19

Printed Tops & Shorts $18

The example prices above are for fully finished articles produced using recycled high-grade Italian, American & Korean Power fit fabrics.

Costing your Collection

We offer three ways to hand over. Select which way suits you best & should you have another way you feel more suitable, use it

  1. By far the most popular way is by adding screenshots, tech packs or line drawings with some notes on any changes you want implemented as a Word or PDF Doc sent via email or WhatsApp
  2. Below you will see a Drag & Drop option, allowing you to add your designs directly from your Mac, or PC.

Upon receipt, we will send you back our best wholesale price in a few days, with any questions answered.

If you’re selecting a mix of your own custom designs & some of ours, contact us via the links below & we will assist.

Upload your Custom Designs

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